How to Plan a Party -- One Mom's Journey!

In the coming weeks, I'll be planning and throwing my daughter Kate's 6th Birthday Party. She loves Pokemon figures and the cartoon show and, recently, she learned to play the card game (which, by the way, is helping her make huge strides in her reading and analytical skills). So, of course, when I tried to convince her that a combined party with her sister this summer in a theme they both love (like Legos!) would be great, she instead convinced me that a Pokemon party was the way to go. Now, I'm all in!

We love playing the Pokemon card game on the weekends!

We love playing the Pokemon card game on the weekends!

While this may go without saying, taking your kid's preference into account when choosing a party theme is important. At the end of the day, this is about them. That being said, kids are notorious flip floppers. So with my kids, I discuss with them a cut-off point after which they cannot change their minds. Also, if your child is too young to choose a theme themselves (1-2 years), try to choose something for them based on what they love -- a favorite toy, a beloved show, a type of play (balls, bubbles), etc. And if you need options to show them to help them choose, do some general kids party theme searches on or a site like  

Back to Kate's party -- it's scheduled for mid-June, and I started planning a little over one month ago (about 2 months prior to the party). I know nothing about Pokemon, so I agreed to watch a few shows with her and learn the card game along side her. We've also had a lot of fun chats about Pokemon. She is a wealth of knowledge and has some great ideas!  It's been a lot of fun already.  

So now that I have a theme and a party to plan around the corner, I'll be chronicling my process in detail, including how I get ideas and implement them without driving myself (or my loving family) crazy. Though the posts will mainly relate to this particular party, my process for planning kids parties is generally the same no matter what the theme, and I'll be weaving in pictures and the dos and don'ts I've learned from other parties I've thrown. Please join me on this journey and (hopefully) learn a little something in the process! Enjoy!